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Bell Helicopter - Strategy Dossier - 2017


The Global Military Helicopter market is witnessing traction as of-late with the stabilization & uptick in defense spending across most key global markets mandated by a strong, external threat perception, the evolution of traditional world order, complex as well as challenging geo-political dynamics coupled with an ageing, in-service helicopter fleet and availability of next generation technologies driving an expansion of operational spectrum as well as capabilities of these machines which is likely to further incentivize & accelerate replacement decisions across most markets globally. Upcoming large, key military helicopter programs, like, JMR-FVL (Joint Multi-Role, Future Vertical Lift) and IETP (Improved Engine Turbine Program) in the U.S. market along-with initiation of replacement programs across most traditional as well as emerging markets going forward are likely to provide significant growth opportunities to the industry OEMs.


The Global Civil Helicopter market, on the contrary continues to face & brace significant headwinds emanating, primarily from continued major downturn in the global energy sector. All industry OEMs face significant competitive intensity & pricing pressures in an oversupply driven market scenario accompanied by competitive pressures from used helicopter inventory with most key industry OEMs reporting a drop in revenues as well as profitability for the first half of 2016. The recent agreement by OPEC to the outline of a proposed deal to cut oil production over near term, for the first time since 2008, could bring some semblance to crude oil prices in 2017 and provide some traction to the energy sector which has been reeling under the pressure of a significant downturn that has taken away over $200 billion worth of capital spending over the past 2 years.


Against this backdrop, the report analyzes the overall strategy focus and provides Insights into & Comprehensive analysis of the Strategies & Plans being conceptualized & pursued by Bell Helicopters for the medium term horizon. The report also includes an insightful & comprehensive SWOT framework analysis on the company; which is used extensively for scanning, assessment & analysis of the internal as well as external business environment of an organization as part of strategic planning process. The framework generates a snapshot of the company’s inherent strengths & weaknesses as part of the internal environment assessment and outlines potential growth opportunities as well as threats as part of the external environment assessment.


The report also incorporates analysis of key industry trends, issues & challenges and risk factors besides identifying key driving & restraining forces & assessing their potential degree of impact through a force field analysis. The report concludes by providing comprehensive market outlook over medium term with overview of demand projections across key market segments & key geographic regions.


Relevance & Usefulness:


The report provides insights & inputs to be incorporated into the broader strategic planning & decision making processes and will be essential from a competitive analysis standpoint as well.


The report will be useful for:


-- Strategic Planning & Decision-Making process


-- Analysis of Medium Term Strategy Focus and Key Strategies & Plans


-- Identification of & Insights into Potential Growth Opportunities & Avenues


-- Market Evolution & Demand Growth Projections over Next Decade


-- Assessing potential impact of emerging Market Trends & Developments


-- Contingency planning for current Strategies & Programs


-- Identifying & highlighting areas for making potential Strategic Changes, Adjustments & Realignment


-- Strategic Perspective on the Business & Strategic Outlook for 2017


-- Analysis of Key Industry Trends, Issues & Challenges, Risk Factors & Market Outlook for 2017


For Whom:-


The report will be extremely useful for Key Decision-Makers, Program, Project & Procurement Managers, Defense Contracting Executives & Defense Departments, Top Management of Industry Players & Other Companies, Fleet Operators, Suppliers, Vendors & Associated Equipment Manufacturers, Technology Solutions Providers, Services Providers and other Key Players in the Industry Value Chain. The report will also be useful for existing & potential Investors, Industry & Company Analysts, M&A Advisory Firms, Strategy & Management Consulting Firms, PE Firms, Venture Capitalists, Researchers and all those associated with the industry and those with strategic interest & stakes in the Global Military and/or Civil Helicopter Market.


Features, Benefits & Reasons to Procure:-


--Provides Macro View and Big Picture Quickly

--Blend of Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis

--Significant Time Savings

--Visual Representation

--Meetings & Presentation Ready Format

--Superior & Enriched User Experience with Incorporation of Relevant Images

Table of Contents

Section - 1


Business Structure & Snapshot


a) Founded

b) Headquartered

c) Business Segments

d) Employees

e) Product Portfolio and Key Competitors

f) Market Capitalization/Ownership Structure

g) Key Executives

h) Shareholding/Ownership Pattern & Structure


Section – 2


Financial Performance Analysis – Charts & Analysis - 2016 Results


1. Revenue Base & Growth Trend

2. Revenues Split by Key Segments

3. Revenues Split by Key Geographic Markets & Regions

4. Gross Earnings & Margin Trend

5. Operating Earnings & Operating Margin Trend

6. Return on Sales Trend

7. Profitability Growth Trend

8. Cash Flow from Operations

9. R&D Expenditure Trend

10. CAPEX Trend


Section – 3


SWOT Analysis


- Sources of Strengths which could be Leveraged

- Weaknesses to Overcome & Offset

- Opportunities to Capitalize Upon

- Threats to Mitigate


Section – 4


Strategic Focus & Priorities


Section - 5


Key Strategies & Plans


-- Product Portfolio Strategies & Plans

-- Service Level Strategies & Plans

-- Technological and R&D Strategies & Plans

-- Market Specific Strategies & Plans

-- Corporate Strategies & Plans

-- Manufacturing/Production Strategies & Plans

-- Business Growth Strategies & Plans - Organic & Inorganic

-- Financial Strategies & Plans

-- Acquisitions, Strategic Alliances & JVs

-- Other Strategies & Strategic Initiatives


Section – 6


Global Military & Civil Helicopter Market - Force Field Analysis - Analysis of Driving & Restraining Forces and their Overall Dynamics


-Driving Forces

-Restraining Forces


Section – 7


Key Trends


-Industry Trends


-Market Trends


-Technology Trends


Section – 8


Key Issues, Challenges & Risk Factors


Section – 9


Strategic Market Outlook through 2024


1. Analysis of Emerging Market Scenario for Military & Civil Helicopters


2. Global Demand Outlook for Military & Civil Helicopters – Demand Forecasts through 2024



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